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Different types of Xanax: Your Anxiety Medicine

What is the Buy Xanax bars Online, and what are the uses of such medication?

Buy Xanax bars Online is one of the top prescribed medications in the United States of America. It is the brand name version for Alprazolam, associated with the benzodiazepine class of drugs. Benzos are often known as anti-anxiety medications because of their calming effects on the central nervous system.

In the year 2016, Xanax was the 19th most prescribed drug in America, with over 27 million prescriptions made that year. Xanax is available by the prescription as the Drug Enforcement Administration has classified it as a schedule IV-controlled drug substance.

One thing to know About Xanax 

Xanax most commonly occurs in the form of the bar used to treat anxiety, panic disorder, and attacks, short term symptoms of stress, or anxiety associated with depression. Mostly, doctors prescribe Xanax for anxiety and panic disorders; however, it also manages nausea due to chemotherapy. The main reason behind these different forms of Alprazolam is their manufacturing. Since several pharmaceutical companies are manufacturing such products, every manufacturer wants to make their product different. This is why they make their product in different colors, shapes, and strengths for the same medicinal purposes. Each manufacture gives a special imprint to the product to make it unique.

Alprazolam vs. Xanax

Comparing Alprazolam vs. Xanax, both medications help treat panic and anxiety disorder, and there is not any significant difference between Xanax and Alprazolam. Alprazolam is the generic formulation, while Xanax is the brand version of the same drug. Brand names are subject to copyrights and licensed obtain by specific company procedures—the only difference between these two is the price of medicines.

Alprazolam is much cheaper than Xanax, as it is a generic medication. Sometimes, people divide them based on their formulation and release forms. However, in some instances, the FDA allows the generic version to contain inactive ingredients not very much like the branded version is made up of. And in some cases, these inactive ingredients combined with the generic Alprazolam, produce adverse reactions like sensitivities or allergies. On the other side, Xanax does not cause allergic responses because of different compositions.

In conclusion, Xanax and Alprazolam have the same set of indications regardless of their subtle distinctions. Although there may be some differences in a diversity of ways, overall, both medications help in the management of various conditions and alleviate the troublesome symptoms of suffering people.

What are the different types of Xanax?

There are several types of Xanax available in the United States. These amounts of Xanax are different in the number of their external shapes, colors, and strengths.

Based on the formulation, there are two types of Xanax:

Xanax Pills:

The most popular form of Xanax is Xanax bars. Xanax Bars are rectangular pills that often come as pre-scored—different kinds of Xanax tablet sare triangular, round, oval, or elliptical tablets.

Liquid Xanax:

It comes in small bottles containing a different form of Alprazolam. Most times, people surprised to learn that Xanax occurs in a liquid form; however, other than the manner of consuming the drug, liquid Xanax is no different from the pill form. Each milliliter of liquid Xanax is equivalent to a 2-milligram dose of Xanax (Alprazolam).

Various types of Xanax based upon their color and strength variability are:

White Xanax:

White Xanax is rectangle-shaped Buy Xanax bars Online containing two milligrams of the drug. It is a pre-scored tablet for ease of use. White Xanax bars produce heavy sedation within minutes of consumption. White Xanax also comes in other forms and strengths such as round, oval, rectangle, and triangle shapes with concentration ranging from 0.25mg to 2mg. The street name of the white Xanax bar is a stick. It is crucial to note that Alprazolam’s maximum dosage is 4 mg, so one white Xanax tablet is considered the very high dose of the medication.

Yellow Xanax:

Yellow Xanax bars are the generic form of the medication. They come in the strength of 2mg Alprazolam. Yellow Xanax produces the same effect as white Xanax, but the difference in colors only due to the drugs manufactured by different companies.

Other forms of yellow Xanax are four-sided rectangular 1 mg pills and oval tablets. The yellow Xanax’s street name is a yellow school bus on account of its shape and color. Due to the varying strengths, a patient must monitor the amount taken to avoid an overdose carefully.

Green Xanax:

Green, white, and yellow Xanax bars of 2mg strength is the same in efficacy. The only difference is the color of pills. Green Xanax is also available in oval, round, rectangle, and triangle shapes in the strengths ranging from 1mg to 3mg. The street names of green Xanax include hulk Xanax and green monster(2mg green Xanax bars), and green football (1mg oval Xanax).

Blue Xanax:

Blue Buy Xanax bars Online come in oval or elliptical shape pills having 1mg dose. They have scored pills for the user to consume two 0.5mg doses—the street name of blue Xanax is blue football Xanax due to its color and elongated shape.

Orange Xanax:

Orange or peach Xanax is a lower dose of Xanax prescribed in less severe cases of anxiety. It is an oval-shaped pill containing 0.50mg of Alprazolam. It comes in strengths of 0.25mg and 0.50mg.

Pink Xanax:

Pink Xanax is available in round or oval shapes in the strength of 0.50 milligrams of Alprazolam. It is also a lower dose of Xanax suitable for treating initial symptoms of anxiety disorder. The street of pink Xanax is school girls’ pink football on account of its color and shape.

What are the side effects of Xanax Bars ?

Drug dependence

Alprazolam (Xanax) is a high potential drug that can produce a relationship in some inappropriate conditions. Drug dependence may be a result of the long-term use of Xanax

Drug Addiction

Xanax is extremely addictive when used longer than prescribed. Tolerance to this medication develops quickly, requiring the abuser to take more of the drug to achieve the desired effects. An individual with Xanax addiction may use up to 20 to 30 pills per day.

Withdrawal syndrome

Sometimes Xanax can produce some unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. Most of these symptoms occur due to the sudden discontinuation of the drug. Withdrawal symptoms can include restlessness, tremors, anxiety, and insomnia.

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